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Almost Vegan Pescatarian Cafe

Vegan Breakfast 

Wild Blueberry Pancake Platter ​$15.00

Spelt pancakes, Plant sausage and mung bean scrambles.

LV Breakfast Sandwich

Plant sausage, Scrambles, avocado, lettuce & tomatoes w/ vegan chipotle mayo 


Waffle Platter 

Spelt waffles, chickpea eggs & quinoa grits 


Vegan Lunch

Beyond Burger

Lettuce, tomato, sautéed  peppers & onions vegan chipotle mayo or ketchup 


Almost Wing Platter 

(5) Crispy Oyster Mushrooms 

Pick 2 Sides 

*Mac & Chesse

*Jerk Mac Salad 

*Wild Rice Blend 


*Steamed Kale

*BBQ Chickpeas

Pick a flavor 

BBQ, Buffalo, Sweet Chili  


Fennel Bean Tacos

Lettuce, tomato, onions, black beans, fennel & sauce


The Land Bowl Salad

Kale, onions, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, key lime dressing 


Beyond Sausage $10

Beyond Sausage, onions & peppers mustard & ketchup 

Chickpea Alkaline Platter

BBQ grilled mushrooms, steamed kale, quinoa & chickpeas 


Oyster Mushroom Sandwich 

Crispy chopped oyster  mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, onions & cucumbers....

Buffalo or BBQ


10pc w/ One side $20

10 Almost wings, Pick a side Mac & cheese, jerk Mac salad or wild rice blend

Almost vegan Breakfast 

ABE Sandwich 

Chopped salmon, mung bean eggs, sliced advocado, tomatoes, onions, vegan chipotle mayo 


Almost Vegan lunch

Salmon Quinoa Stir Fry

Wild caught salmon, organic quinoa, onions, peppers steamed kale topped with coconut aminos.


Fish tacos

Wild caught salmon, onions, tomato, lettuce sauce...Hard or Soft shell?


Salmon Sliders

(3) Sliders, lettuce, tomato & vegan chipotle mayo 


Salmon Cheesesteak

Chopped salmon, onions, peppers, lettuce, vegan cheese 


Salmon Dinner

BBQ Wild caught salmon

(Pick 2 Sides)

*Vegan Mac & Cheese

*Jerk Mac Salad

*Wild Rice Blend

*Steamed Kale 

*BBQ Chickpeas 



 Vegan Sides

Mac & Cheese


Jerk Mac Salad

(GF) Vegan mayo, onions, peppers, jerk seasoning.. Severed cold 


Wild Rice Blend 

(GF) Brown & Black rice mix 


Steamed kale





Blueberry Spelt Pancakes 


Almost Wings $10

Fried Broccoli  



 Vegan Desserts

Vanilla Walnut


Apple Caramel Cheesecake 


Chocolate Cream


Organic smoothies

Sm-$5-Lg $8

Lehigh Valley Bliss

Organic blueberries, goji berries, banana, agave coconut milk 

The Alexander

Organic strawberries, banana, hemp seeds, sea moss, agave coconut milk 


Organic Mangos, key lime, banana, agave, coconut milk


Organic blueberries, ginger, banana 

Mother Earth 

Organic Kale, cucumbers, basil, sunflower seeds, coconut milk & dates