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A Tasty Way to Improve Your Diet.

If you want to eat healthier without settling for just a salad, grab a bite at Almost Vegan Pescatarian Cafe.

 A Feast For Health Conscious Individuals

A Cafe That Cares About Your Health

Almost Vegan Pescatarian Cafe was established in July 2020. We started this business because we saw a growing number of people who wanted to eat healthier, but didn’t have many options. By serving tasty, nutritious vegan and pescatarian dishes, we help our customers maintain a healthy diet. Our cafe aims to serve people who are 100 percent vegan and those who are transitioning into eating healthier.

Eat good feel good

Going vegan is a great way to get the nutrition you need while avoiding unhealthy processed foods. However shifting from a meat heavy diet to fully vegan can be difficult. 

Good thing there’s Almost Vegan Pescatarian Cafe in the Lehigh Valley! We serve a variety of pescatarian, vegan and plant based dishes that are healthy and delicious. Our cafe is a bridge for those wanting to go vegan or for pescatarians who need healthier food choices while enjoying dairy-free and soy-free food.